Traffic merging/diverging ahead.

Series of dangerous corners ahead.

Road narrows from right.

Nearside lane of two closed.

School children crossing ahead.

A driver must drive on the left-hand side.

Maximum permitted weight is 3 tonnes.

Only buses, cyclists and taxis are allowed to use the lane ahead during the hours indicated.

Keep left.

Level crossing ahead unguarded by gates or barriers.

Motorway ends 500 metres ahead.

Road narrows on the left.

Loose chippings on road.

200 metres to the next exit.

No overtaking.

Level crossing ahead protected by lights and barriers.

Turn left only.

Tram lane on left.

T-junction ahead with roads of equal importance.

Automatic level crossing ahead.

Maximum speed is 120 km/h.

Traffic signals ahead.

Sharp rise in the road ahead - for example, a humpback bridge.

The driver must stop when red lights show.

Crossroads with dual carriageway ahead.

Road narrows on both sides.

Uneven surface.

T-junction ahead with a road of major importance.

Dangerous bend ahead.

U-turn not permitted.

Maximum speed is is 30 km/h.

Steep descent ahead.

T-junction with dual carriageway ahead.

No left turn.

Pedestrian crossing ahead.

With-flow bus and cycle lane on left.

Contra-flow bus lane.

Crossroads with major road ahead.

Accompanied horses and ponies ahead.

With-flow bus and cycle lane ahead on left.

No right turn.

Roundabout ahead.

Slippery road ahead.

Nearside lane of three closed.

Clearway - no stopping or parking during the times shown.

End of motorway.

Two-way traffic.

Deer or wild animals ahead.

Y-junction ahead with roads of equal importance.

School ahead.

Traffic queues likely ahead.

Sharp depression or dip ahead.

Crosswinds ahead.

Tunnel ahead.

100 metres to the next exit.

Stop your vehicle.

Y-junction ahead with roads of equal importance.

Dual carriageway ends.

Three hundred meters to the next exit.

Staggered crossroads ahead with roads of equal importance.

Road narrows from left.

End of central reserve or obstruction.

Low bridge up ahead.

Maximum speed is 100 km/h.

Slippery road.

Parking prohibited.

Road divides ahead.

Y-Junction where main road bears to the left.

Junction ahead with roads of lesser importance.

Tramway crossing ahead.

Bus and cycle lane ahead on right.

Parking permitted during the times shown.

Parking of vehicles exceeding the weight shown is not allowed.

Maximum speed is 50 km/h.

Start of central reserve or obstruction.

Contra-flow bus lane on the right.

Straight ahead only.

Possibility of low flying aircraft.

Start of cycle track.

Disc parking operates during the time shown.

Danger of falling rocks ahead.

Series of dangerous bends ahead.

Maximum speed is 60 km/h.

Two-way traffic ahead.

Level crossing ahead guarded by gates or barriers.

Maximum speed is 80 km/h.

Sharp change of direction to the right.

Roadworks ahead.

No entry ahead.

Uneven surface ahead.

Turn right only.

Designated rank for taxis.

Road narrows on both sides.

Unprotected quay, canal or river ahead.

With-flow bus lane on the right.

Steep ascent ahead.

Traffic should cross back to the left-hand lane ahead.

Keep right.

Possibility of cattle or farm animals ahead.

Offside lane closed ahead.

Pass either side.

Overhead electric cables.

Flagman ahead.

Possibility of sheep ahead.

Series of bumps or hollows ahead.

Entry to motorway.

Traffic merging from the left.

Crossroads ahead with roads of equal importance.

You must turn right ahead.

Tram lane on right.

Traffic should cross out to the right-hand lane ahead.

Mini-roundabout ahead.

Turn left ahead.

Temporary traffic signals ahead.

Dangerous corner ahead.